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Navigating the complexities 
of deep tech and global challenges.

We view our world’s greatest global challenges as some of the most valuable commercial opportunities. We believe frontier technologies creating new categories are the best positioned to disrupt and redesign solutions that simultaneously address these systemic challenges and create exponential value. Looking at our world and technologies with a systems lens inspired us to pioneer the methodologies necessary to make high-conviction selections at early stages and provide impactful value-add to leaders of generational change. This approach to venture requires intentionality and collaboration, which drives us to bring together the best people, processes, and platforms to navigate the nuanced complexities of building new categories and catalyzing positive change in the world. It is our constant endeavor to leverage our vision and grit to steward capital in new innovative ways for how we select and amplify frontier solutions changing the world for better. Falkon Ventures is helping our world reimagine a brighter future, today. 

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